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What are 7 Important points to consider while designing a website

Design is a way of life, a point of view. It involves the whole complex of visual communications: talent, creative ability, manual skill, and technical knowledge. Aesthetics and economics, technology and psychology are intrinsically related to the process.

– Paul Rand

Website is an Online Visual Business Identity

Website is your most powerful Online Visual Business Identity. It is also one of the most important form of online presence and interactive tool for communication. Your website can be amalgamation of all your skills, product or services put together. Having your website will instantly give you a global business address, and that becomes your brand. By creating a Website you will be available to wide variety of internet audience and accessible to global market that too at a very cost-effective price.

Advantages of Website

  1. Its a global business address
  2. Online credibility
  3. Provide details about your product or services you sell
  4. 24/7 visibility of your business
  5. Visual Appeal of your product or service
  6. Interactive communication
  7. A tool to get your audience well connected
  8. It is your advertisement that is accessible online 24/7

While making your website you need to consider following necessary points

  • 1.Domain Name: Your domain name is your online business address and it generally ends with .COM, .NET, .ORG and country specific extension depending upon country you reside. There are many others extensions that are also available. .COM is the most common extension for your domain and it is widely preferred. This is the most important point to be considered while making your website. A short domain with clarity, spellable, reflecting your registered business name should be preferred. It’s better to take time deciding on what names suits your business. Registering a domain with Professional & Genuine Domain service provider is of utmost important, as the address you decide will become you permanent online identity. Always insist the domain is registered under your name, organisation and your email ID.

  • 2.Web Hosting: Web Hosting is the Server where your data / pages / information / website is parked or hosted. Always look for a fast and reliable server which has 99.99 % uptime guarantee. Slow Servers can directly indirectly affect your business prospects and downtime will make your website disappear for short periods. Check for Online reviews while selecting Web Hosting servers. Avoid cheap web hosting services, as they tend to be fly by night operators and your information is always at risk, go for branded web hosting servers with good online reviews.

  • 3.Web Design & Content: A good interface, clarity of content, structured links go a long way in presenting your websites. Hire good web designing company and content writer for your website. Web designing companies who design your site with basic SEO principles is preferred. Well placed graphics and good structured content play a very important role in getting your website indexed in search engines. The Website should be light and easily loadable in browsers. Always go for responsive designs i.e. compatible with desktop, mobiles and tabs. Always look for companies who can provide you with yearly maintenance and regular update services and lower annual renewal cost. Do not try cheaper options while creating your websites, as normally the companies who quote you lower may charge you the same amount as renewal fees and keep the domain details under their control. Possibility of fly by night companies are very high in such scenario and your business domain will be always at risk.

  • 4.SEO: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. The Term usually refers to web techniques applied on websites so that it ranks higher in search engines. SEO is done by SEO Specialist who are trained in SEO techniques. They follow certain guidelines while working on your websites to make it search engine friendly and help improve the chances of your site rank higher. It improves the probability of your website getting displayed among first few pages of search results. SEO process is time consuming but worth the efforts, time and money spent on it. SEO Services come at a monthly fixed cost depending upon the services you would be looking for. The budget for this would be on a higher side and your billing could be monthly.

  • 5.Social links: Incorporate Social links on your websites. It will help your website audience to check on these links and subscribe or like your pages. This will enable you to keep in touch with your target audience by regularly keeping posted on these social links. Always keep your social links updated with fresh content at least twice a week.

  • 6.Feedback / Enquiry Form: Keep enquiry form / feedback form on your website so that the end user can interact with you or enquire about your product or services.

  • 7.Promotion & Marketing: Social media promotion, PPC etc are paid marketing services many social media consultants are offering. Use this services if you are looking for instant results, sales and leads. It’s advisable to consult specialist in this field who offer you proper advise on the monthly budget you decide keeping in mind the goals and objectives you are looking at.

While making website keep your goals and objectives very clear. What kind of website you wish to launch ?

  • Will it be for Information / Blog
  • Will it be a promotional / marketing / ecommerce website
  • Will it be service / product based based website

With the advancement of internet technologies, businesses which have been using traditional advertising methods are rapidly changing their medium to internet and social media tools. Now Website is the most effective medium to keep you connected with your target audience and existing customers. Almost every business is using website as a permanent advertising tool. So make sure your website stands, its well ranked among search engines and properly linked to social media.

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